maandag 25 februari 2013

How to make BIBBLE

I love watching Victorious (actually every Dan Schreider show), and in one of the episodes (Tori goes platinum) Cat has an obsession with a British snack called Bibble. It looks kinda like popcorn and I'd thought I would try it.
I searched online if I could find something like it, but I only found a few pictures of colored popcorn. But nothing that was actually called 'bibble'.
So I tried to figure out how the stuff they used on the show was made. I found somewhere Ariana Grande said "It tastes like caramel popcorn with chocolate and sprinkles and vanilla and pink stuff on it! I don't know what the pink stuff is but it's truly delicious.. I couldn't stop eating it while we were filming... I had a real life bibble addiction as well as a fake one hehe."
So today I tried to make it.

I used sweet popcorn, white chocolate, red candymelts and pink colored sugar.
On the pictures most of the Bibble was white, and there were some pink and a few were a bit purplish. I decided to just go with white and pink.
I started with the white batch, I used a bag of about 4,5 ounces. For the white part I used about 3/4 of the bag. Then I melted the chocolate, I used one 3,5 ounce bar. Put the chocolate over the popcorn, make sure to save some melted chocolate for the pink part. Just mix it with the popcorn till it's coated. When all the popcorn is coated spread it out on some waxed paper to let it cool, put it in the refrigerator to speed up the cooling. While that's cooling you can prepare the pink batch. Take the other 1/4 of the popcorn, and the left over melted chocolate. Add a few red or pink candymelts to the white chocolate and melt it again. Mix the popcorn and the chocolate mixture and spread it out on waxed paper. You can add some sprinkles or colored sugar while the chocolate is still wet. When everything is dry you maybe have to break some pieces apart who have stuck together. Then you can finish it of by putting it in a little bag, I also added a label from 'barney's Bibble' i found on the Internet.

I hope you'll like it
xx Liesa

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  1. Can I buy some my email is


  3. Thank you for this recipe!! I'm gonna make it tomorrow for new Sam and Cat episode:)

  4. when i went to the nickelodeon studion in hollywood they had real bibble, actually it was sour colored popcorn, but yes, theres a small bar there with all kinds of food thats in nick shows.

  5. It is likely that the color pink, in the original Bibble will be given with the Alchermes: is a liquor typically used in desserts, just to give a pink color and a heady flavor that can be addictive (I say this from personal experience. In Italy we have sweets called "peaches", consist of a sweet dough with chocolate inside. dough the outside is covered with Alchermes, to have the appearance of small peaches ... Eat all one and you just can not stop !)

  6. I have a bibble problem cant stop eating it hmmm